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Message from The Staff

Summer Vacation in Japan are short and, as a result of it occurring in the middle of the school year, filled with homework, going to cram school, and going to extracurricular activities. - I myself also had the customary "Summer Homework." Of course, typical Japanese summer vacations are also a wonderful summer experience where one can gain many experiences and make many friends.

At the same time, many children in the West spend their summers at summer camp. There, they not only do they have fun, but they also learn about the great nature, feel their own small existence as a human being, and develop a love for everything that surrounds them.

When I was 15 years old, I spent a month at a summer camp in the United States. I spent that summer absorbed in self reflection, not understanding a word of English. I was salvaged by being the strongest tennis player at camp, and being the only one who could play the guitar and sing John Denver songs (even though I didn't understand the meaning of them). In spite of these circumstances, I had a lot of fun in the group life, shooting rifles, riding horses, water skiing, marveling at the star-filled sky at night, and at the end of the camp, being intimidated when a girl asked me to dance at the Friday night dance party. It was a very tough summer, but it was also a really wonderful summer, and on the plane ride home, I realized that I had become an adult one or two times over.

To be away from your guardians for a period of time and to put yourself in an environment that you don't normally know; to listen to what I was feeling from a place where there was nothing to listen to. I believe that these experiences were very important to my life thereafter.

I want to make that kind of summer happen in Japan. I have always had this thought in my mind even while working as a businessman.

Now, blessed by the people of Isa, Kagoshima, and a group of friends who sympathize with me and say they want to accomplish this together, we are beginning to bring a new, authentic summer camp to Japan.

Once at camp, there is no digital devices allowed. And above all, we encourage lots of play. We will do our utmost to ensure the kids' safety, without diminishing their need for freedom, and to provide a summer where they will have the ability to make their own decisions, to feel, and to see the preciousness of their own existence.

We hope you join us.

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