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Camp + Amplify + Fire = CAMPLIFIRE
CAMPLIFIRE is a summer camp that amplifies children's potential and ignites their hearts.

During summer breaks, many kids in the US go to summer camps, where they experience things no school setting can teach them, and as such, grow stronger in spirit.

CAMPLIFIRE wishes for children in Japan to be able to experience that kind of camp.



  • CAMPLIFIRE is an American-style summer camp

In Japan, most people envision sleeping in a tent and sleeping bag when hearing the words “summer camp.” At CAMPLIFIRE, we imagine something closer to a camp where campers lodge together. After a full day of immersive activities, campers can rest themselves comfortably in a fully-equipped cottage.


  • CAMPLIFIRE is a summer camp held in English

Our common language is English. In order to live strong in this world, campers will be able to experience an authentic American-style camp within Japan. However this is not an English-learning camp. In an environment where English must be used to communicate, we aim to convey to kids the importance of communicating and communicating their thoughts and opinions.


  • CAMPLIFIRE is a camp that creates a kids-first program with a focus on outdoor activities

We have prepared a program wherein kids can experience the richness of nature with activities such as bushcraft, kayaking, stone art, pizza making, experiencing a Goemon bath, and stargazing. Furthermore, other than the planned activities in the program, we will discuss with campers on the spot about what they want to do. In doing so, we aim to create a program where the kids are not merely “going through” the plans, but actively learning how to express their opinions while cooperating with others to build their own program.

Jisso Seishonen Ryokomura

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Located in the northernmost part of mainland Kagoshima Prefecture and surrounded by clear streams such as the Kawauchi River, Isa City offers beautiful natural scenery. Jisso Seishonen Ryokomura, the first of its kind in the prefecture and managed by Isa City, is a campground adjacent to Jisso Pond, which is of approximately 4km in circumference. The campground is located in an excellent location for visitors to fully enjoy the great outdoors.

Jisso Seishonen Ryokomura is dotted with cottages and bungalows made of luxurious Isa cypress, a "Straw House" where visitors can experience making pizza in a stone oven, a Goemon bath where visitors can burn wood to boil water, and a large grassy field. The Jisso Pond, where clear water from the Oku-Jisso Valley flows in, has been selected as one of the "100 best forests for water sources" and "100 best forests for forest bathing," and is equipped with canoeing and fishing locations, a waterweed garden for bird-watching, and a children's playground.

Of course, at night, visitors can enjoy  campfires under a starry sky. To ignite the spirit of children and amplify their potential -- this is the perfect field for CAMPLIFIRE.

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Isa City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Kagoshima Prefecture Isa City Board of Education
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